Review on my name is khan

My name is khan is an inherently sincere, yet unabashedly sentimental story of rizwan khan and his forrest gumpish journey across america to meet the us president so he can tell him that. Read my name is khan music review by bollywood hungama check out complete my name is khan music review where you find what to expect from movie music see what bollywood hungama critics. Karan johar directed my name is khan staring shahrukh khan and kajol is a fascinating love story and a world shaking incident as a backdrop to know more read my name is khan review and. My name is khan movie reviews - my name is khan, which is commonly referred to as mnik, is a 2010 indian drama film directed by karan johar, written by shibani bathija.

It made me laugh and it made me cry wonderful entertainment that refreshes your faith in the human spirit. Is my name is khan family friendly find out only at movieguide the family and christian guide to movie reviews and entertainment news. Review: 'my name is khan' remains on the fringes of great cinema - the film combines elements of a love story with a message-oriented theme, and ends up being what can now be referred to as.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for my name is khan at amazoncom read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. My name is khan is a film made with sincerity and sweat, ambition and conviction. Was this review helpful yes no | report this the scales of humanity would mark the world before and after the release of my name is khan my rating- 5/5.

A likable and slickly constructed bollywood tale of understanding and tolerance has unwittingly provoked a storm in mumbai. My name is khan movie reviews & metacritic score: rizvan khan, a muslim man from india, moves to san francisco and lives with his brother and sister-in-law. Wil mackey sharukhan's indonesian fans outside his concert at jakarta international convention centre (8/12/2012) tribun jakarta/ jeprima when i arrived at medan state university on an. Shah rukh khan in a scene from the film “my name is khan” a version of this review appears in print on february 13, 2010.

Review on my name is khan

My name is khan is a pratim d gupta from the telegraph in a positive review concluded, my name is khan has conscience and courage and two heartfelt performances. By cheryl hudson my name is khan broke global box office records as the largest grossing bollywood movie worldwide in its opening weekend, including in the united states, britain. Check out my name is khan critics reviews read the complete critics reviews & previews for the movie my name is khan only on filmibeat.

Reviews 248 user | 210 critic popularity 4,935 (4,481 karan johar says he went wrong while directing the first 15 minutes of my name is khan. Karan johar's my name is khan is a sweeping epic in the melodramatic bollywood manner yet emerges as a potent audience reviews for my name is khan. Read what our users had to say about my name is khan at metacriticcom.

My name is khan trailer - reaction and review by request, donathan and kelly react to a funny, but dramatic movie trailer centered around a special man's str. This is a movie not built for subtlety, but it does tackle a subject american movies have mostly avoided -- that of racial profiling and the plight of muslim-americans.

review on my name is khan My name is khan is the triumphant story of an unconventional hero and the obstacles he must overcome to regain the love of his life rizvan khan, a muslim man who has aspergers syndrome.
Review on my name is khan
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